Let’s say you feel a calling to teach.

What exactly happens next?

Select your preferred subject and age range to teach, and voila! you’ll be on your way to a structured day of lesson observations and conversations with teachers of your subject.

A maths teacher + 10 years in quant-y finance stuff = he must love maths, and have always been good at it right?

Truth is, I’ve often struggled with the subject.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a snapshot of my degree transcript..

Hello friends,

It’s been 6 months since I started my teacher training, and 18 months since I quit my job. So, with the February sun peeking through it’s a natural time to pause and reflect.

Please open the barbershops soon.

When I embarked on this journey there was one grounding principle I had in mind, which is to be immersed in the world of education. I’m the type of person who typically has 30 different chrome tabs open at any given time, so it was initially a challenge for me to focus solely on becoming a great teacher.

However, I’m proud to say I’ve done…

For many, our current education system is built around gaining external credentials.

illustration by me :D

These serve as a signalling mechanism to future employers and/or investors that you are somebody worth taking a chance on. Along the way pupils learn a few interesting things, gain friends, and life experiences. They also experience significant levels of stress and anxiety, and many lose their love for learning along the way. It manifests in statements like this:

“”I can’t wait to finish this and start in the real world”

Worse still, the pressure starts young, with single-digit-aged children preparing for the 11+ exam. At the end…

37 research papers, 9 books, 120 hours of maths and 57 classroom lessons later. The past 3 months of teacher training have been intense! 📚

Here’s an update on my journey to become a Maths teacher, and some of the most valuable things I’m learning. As well as a more general update at the end. ✏️

Tues- Thurs: I’m teaching in a Secondary School. Mon & Fri: Department of Education, Oxford.

1. How to teach effectively

In this now seminal paper, Rosenhine outlines 10 principles. 🔟

These are all research-backed strategies, derived from the field of cognitive science. My biggest takeaway’s? See below. 🧠

Sadly, one of my heroes, Sir Ken Robinson recently passed away. He was arguably the most prominent educator in the west — having advised multiple countries, and has written several timeless books. However, he is probably best known for having the most-watched TED talk of all time.

In homage to him, I listened to an epic 2-hour conversation he had with Sadhguru. I’d like to share some of his insights.

It’s a fascinating meeting of minds from the East and West. Here are my shortened notes.

🧠 Education should aim to develop the human body and mind to it’s the…

Here’s a bold prediction. GCSEs will be scrapped in the next 5–7 years.

Atish Mistry

I quit my Investment Banking career after 10 years. Now my mission is to help young people unlock their potential. www.theedletter.co.uk

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